The Origins Of Go Easy Rubbish

the origins of Go Easy Rubbish

The Beginnings and Origins of Go Easy Rubbish

Go Easy Rubbish has been operating in Melbourne since 2021. Growing from the frustrations of one individual determined to change the industry of rubbish removal, into a team of six dedicated Europeans skilled in both premium customer service and top-quality waste management, Go Easy Rubbish has transformed mindsets and living rooms across the city. 

It has become a trusted point of contact for excellent, fast and reliable services, thanks to the dedication and hard work of its founding members over the last few years.

But what about its humble origins?

We’re discovering the story behind Go Easy Rubbish and the secret to its success, by delving into the main man behind the business and explaining the passion behind what we do. Read on to discover the origins of Go Easy Rubbish, and why we should be your first port of call for expert rubbish removal services.

The Origins of Go Easy Rubbish Contents:

Who is Alexis?

First and foremost, Alexis is the founder and owner of Go Easy Rubbish.

Hailing from France, Alexis first moved over to the country he today proudly calls home in 2018. Originally planning only to travel in Australia, that all changed when he met his now-wife, who he raises a family within Melbourne.  

Alexis wanted to change the negative perception of the rubbish removal industry by demonstrating a high level of care and attention to his customers. Utilising his French hospitality skills, he wanted to deliver a top-quality service at an affordable price.

How Go Easy Rubbish Started

Alexis saw a gap in the Australian market for quick, affordable solutions to waste management in Melbourne City and its main suburbs – that set a new standard of customer service at the same time. 

Already working in the industry, he developed his own business to take care of the need for effective, efficient waste management in the most sustainable way possible: marking the beginning of Go Easy Rubbish.

The idea? Make life simpler for the people of Melbourne. No trailers, no manual labour, no council permit for a household skip are required. Just one centralised operation that takes care of everything, from waste disposal to customer relations: the fairy godmother of rubbish.

What started as a concept soon became a fully-functioning operational business. Before long, the Go Easy team was growing, now with 6 equally dedicated, mostly French members taking care of the rapidly growing Melbourne population’s needs, with a standard of customer service that’s revolutionising the industry. 

With three trucks to tackle jobs of any size or description, it’s safe to say that the journey since the origins of Go Easy Rubbish has been a success.

beginning of Go Easy Rubbish

What makes Go Easy Rubbish Different?

Alexis wanted to bring the famous European charm to rubbish removal. For something that might not sound so glamorous on the surface, Alexis believed it was the ability of effective, quick rubbish removal to transform a place that makes it an industry full of potential.

Clearing out old rubbish, and unused or unwanted items can be a hassle or a downright pain. We put it off, we stack it in the corner, we forget about it until it starts to take over a space. Go Easy Rubbish offers something different: we make rubbish removal as easy and enjoyable as it can be – freeing up your space and putting a smile on your face whilst doing so.

Bringing the heart of French customer service to all our rubbish removal jobs, it’s the customer interaction that Go Easy Rubbish is truly focused on. From clearing out your first rental to helping you move house with your family, we’ll be there for all the milestone moments in your life. We operate with care, professionalism, and attention to detail, on every single job.

How Go Easy Rubbish Works Today

We’re proud to champion responsible recycling as part of our services, so you can trust your waste is being sent to the right places, minimising disruption and harm to the environment wherever possible. 

You’ll send us a picture of the waste you want removed, and we’ll come and pick it up at a pre-arranged collection time that works for you – simple as that after all this is what we strive to be. Then, we make sure all that can be is donated or recycled before the rest is ethically disposed of.

We also provide same day bookings in Melbourne, and always at a competitive price.

We take on jobs for homeowners, real estate agents, office managers and more, seven days a week from 7am – 10pm because we know that when you want it gone, you really want it gone.

The Future of Go Easy Rubbish – Not Looking Like Trash

There’s a reason why ‘easy’ is in our name: we want to make removal services as straightforward as they can and should be, for both commercial and residential jobs. And we do: we’ve successfully changed our customers’ perception of the industry and our reviews are a testament to that.

As the business continues to expand, we’re sticking to the origins of Go Easy Rubbish, by planning to double down on our commitment to efficient, affordable services that focus on exceptional customer service and sustainable operations. We’re going to keep diligently providing our top quality service with a European standard of quality.

We’re here to get rid of what you no longer need so that you can make space for your future. An idea that was part of the origins of Go Easy Rubbish.

Call 0432 644 510 and get a 10% discount on your first booking, or send us an inquiry online today for a free quote.

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