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Renovation Waste Removal Melbourne

Home renovations are the perfect time to clean out anything you no longer need, but what happens when the unwanted pile starts to grow and simple trash bags don’t suffice? Go Easy Rubbish Removal provides professional and convenient garbage removal services to all of Melbourne, seven days a week, and can make your renovation process a breeze.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for high-quality service with renovation waste removal in Melbourne. Undertaking a renovation or a remodelling project can be a time of difficulty as we know multifacet problems can arise at any time and can take priority over renovation waste. Nonetheless, renovation waste will be a constant hindrance to your renovating process if it is not disposed of appropriately. Whether it is old mattresses or unwanted furniture, Go Easy Rubbish Removal is the perfect solution for renovation waste disposal.

Whilst we do supply a same-day call-out service, for a limited time, you can book two days or more in advance and receive 10% off.

Renovation Waste Removal Melbourne

Convenient Renovation Waste Removalists

We understand that renovations can be a stressful time for some, which is why our teams always take care to remove rubbish unobtrusively.

We will collect every bit of junk or debris during/post-renovation, including building waste or real estate rubbish. Once you employ one of our teams, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Our complete renovation waste removal service means we do all the heavy lifting, and the best part is, that you don’t have to be home for any of it, making it easy for those with busy schedules.

Rest assured, our full-service renovation waste removal experts move seamlessly and with efficiency to ensure your renovation waste is taken away and your removalist experience is a positive one at best. As we understand your property is a personal sanctuary you treasure and we want your renovation transition to be a matter of convenience for you.

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Why Go Easy Rubbish Removal?

On-the-spot invoices for simple and easy transactions

Covid-compliant practices with fully vaccinated staff

Able to cater to homes all over Melbourne (minimum charge of $132)

Affordable rates

Flexible services — same day callouts and advanced bookings available

Convenient and safe

Environmentally-conscious Renovation Waste Removal

If not done properly, renovation waste disposal will go to a landfill and that’s why our rubbish is sorted appropriately and recycled to a nominated facility.

We believe renovation rubbish removal isn’t just about taking every item to the tip, and here at Go Easy Rubbish Removal, we do our part for the environment by ensuring that all items are appropriately disposed of correctly, mitigating their environmental impact and our company’s overall carbon footprint. We opt for a more conscious approach to our renovation rubbish removal services.

Renovation Waste Removal melbourne
What we remove

Please note that we do not remove asbestos, medical sharps, used syringes, chemicals and other biohazards waste. 

Affordable Renovation Waste Disposal Specialists in Melbourne

If you’re planning a renovation, consider all aspects of the process. Transporting waste can be dangerous if not handled by a professional, so let our professionals take care of it for you.

We know renovation waste can be a pile of unwanted junk that becomes unmoved, a sore sight and a dangerous hazard, especially with a multitude of materials compiled together. So leave it in the hands of our renovation waste removal Melbourne professionals at Go Easy Rubbish Removal. We service all of metro Melbourne (including but not limited to Hawthorn, Toorak, and Richmond).

Alongside our renovation rubbish removal crew, Book now or call us on 0432 644 510 for a free, no-obligation quote.

Renovation Waste Removal FAQs

There are many different options when it comes to renovation waste removal and disposal. However, we highly recommend you contact a rubbish removalist service.  If you don’t have a proper waste disposal plan, the volume of renovation rubbish piles up is usually left till last and is more than expected. 

We suggest you find disposable items that are still usable for donation or repurposed materials for recycling. As a result, Go Easy Rubbish can be more than helpful to be of service. 

Your renovation waste is sorted by us and directed to the nominated facilities. Any items that can be recycled are done so accordingly.

Renovation waste should be separated from general waste as there is a multitude of renovation material rubbish that could harm human health and the environment if renovation waste is not managed the right way.

The best option is to contact a rubbish removal specialist, for instance, Go Easy Rubbish Removal. As a result, you can correctly dispose of renovation rubbish properly. Always confirm that renovation waste removalists and rubbish transporters are taking your waste to a licensed facility.

Sustainability Victora provides informative guidelines on what types of renovation waste can be disposed of appropriately.

Not necessarily. Provided there is clear access to the site, our driver can enter without your presence, as long as it is safe and we are permitted to do so. Upon arrival at the site, we’ll give you a quick call to confirm and assess the price and services required before commencing work.