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Professional Garage Rubbish Removal & Garage Clear Outs Made Easy

When it comes garage rubbish removal, garages are often used as storage spaces for various items, including old furniture, appliances, tools, and other unwanted items. Over time, this can lead to clutter and accumulation of rubbish, making it difficult to use the garage for its intended purpose. Fortunately, you don’t have to tackle the mess alone. Whether you’re planning a move or simply looking to clear up precious space, Go Easy Rubbish is here to get the job done right.  

At Go Easy Rubbish, garage rubbish removal is our specialty. We understand that garage clutter can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and physically demanding to clear out on your own. If you’ve got a garage full of unwanted junk, our cheap garage rubbish removal service is exactly what you need. We’ve helped hundreds of Melbourne homeowners and renters with garage and household rubbish clean outs, for a tidier, more organised, and functional home.

Don’t put off your garage junk removal anymore anymore. We service all of metro Melbourne and for a limited time, you can book two days or more in advance and receive 10% off. Contact us today or enquire on 0432 644 510 to organise your garage rubbish removal today.

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What waste and rubbish do we collect from garages?

When you hire Go Easy, you’re not hiring specialists limited by equipment and expertise. You’re hiring a company that are experts in all realms of waste management. This means we can bring a broad scope of rubbish removal services to Melbourne. Some of the common items we collect include:

From hard household rubbish that needs removing to random home junk, Go Easy are just the people to remove it. We also provide deceased estate rubbish removal when things are too overwhelming.

A broken chair? An old mattress that’s seen better days? We’ll ethically discard of your old, broken and irreparable furniture. We are experts at breaking down, recycling and removing discarded furniture.

If you have recently moved home or have an abundance of cardboard boxes and packing materials that need removing from your garage, let us take care of your scrap for you. No more piling up boxes!

Home construction and renovations are big business. However, so is the amount of construction waste that gets left behind too. Allow our experts to whisk it away and dispose of it ethically for you.

5. Broken Appliances & White Goods

Broken fridge? Old appliances and white goods just sat in your garage hoping for a new home? Speak with our garage rubbish removal experts to book a time to take white goods off your hands totally hassle free.

6. Broken & Old Tools & Equipment

Over the years, we often collect an abundance of work tools such as drills, lawnmowers and strimmers. If you have broken or old equipment in your garage, we will ethically dispose of this with minimal disruption.

7. Scrap Metal & Metal Waste

For the DIY household, your garage will often be littered with scrap metal and bits of construction waste. If you want to save yourself a few trips to the nearest waste management facility, give us a call today.

It’s not often that we see sporting and camping gear going to waste, but when we do, it’s often a lot of tattered goods. If your sports and outdoor equipment has seen better days, call Go Easy Rubbish removal today.

Some trash talk from our customers

Tessa Walsh
Tessa Walsh
8 September 2023
Great service, quick communication and provided requested services immediately. Would recommend and use again.
Kirsty Wills
Kirsty Wills
7 September 2023
Super quick and easy to arrange. Great service
Loretta Houghton
Loretta Houghton
6 September 2023
Excellent friendly service - reasonable prices - great communication - I will use again
Joanne Chee
Joanne Chee
5 September 2023
Alex and his team was quick to respond to my Enquiry and got the job done within the same day. They are extremely pleasant people to work with and will definitely recommend their services.
5 September 2023
They arrived same day and were in and out in under 10 minutes! Super friendly and on time. Highly recommend.
Lee Waller
Lee Waller
4 September 2023
Alex and colleague did a great job . I highly recommend the services they provide, I will definitely see them again. 10 our of 10 boys thank you
Kim Wheatley
Kim Wheatley
3 September 2023
Go Easy Rubbish Removal answered my query promptly and were flexible with booking. Thomas and Coksim were punctual and efficient, working hard to manage our huge clean up which included large, heavy items from 2 storeys. These guys provided friendly, courteous and professional service at all times ; we could not have been happier. Thankyou for making our stressful job easier.
Beckie Jolley
Beckie Jolley
27 August 2023
Outstanding service! Fast, friendly & exceeded expectation after a disappointing last minute cancellation. Highly recommended A+ service
Simon von Saldern
Simon von Saldern
26 August 2023
Fast, efficient and good value. Highly recommended
Cristina Monardo
Cristina Monardo
25 August 2023
Alex was fantastic!👍

The Importance Of A Clean & Tidy Garage

Your home garage provides a secure and convenient location to store valuable items. However, in many cases, it’s often the catch-all for items that don’t have a designated space in your house. It also has many practical benefits. Here are some reasons why you should prioritise and issue a garage clean outs service. 

Here are 3 reasons why your garage should be cleared of junk:

1. Safety & Hygiene

A cluttered garage can be a safety hazard for you, your family and your property. By keeping your garage clean and tidy, you can prevent accidents and create a safer space for everyone.

2. More Space

One of the most significant advantages of a clean and tidy garage is that it provides more usable space. When your garage is filled with clutter, you don’t have room for important items you may want to store.

3. Time Saving

A cluttered garage can be a time-sink, making it take much longer to find what you need. By decluttering and organising your garage, you can save time and be more efficient.

How to get your garage waste removed in Melbourne

Nobody likes to have rubbish lying around their home, particularly when it clogs up your garage space. So, to make life simple, we ensure that our garage rubbish removal services put less strain on you and more strain on us. All you have to do is make the phone call and we will handle the rest.

To get your garage waste removed quickly in Melbourne, follow these 4 simple steps:

Step 1 - Enquire online via our website.

To start the process, simply call us on 0432 644 510 or enquire via the contact form below to speak with our rubbish removal experts.

Step 2 - Send us pictures for a free quote.

To help us accurately quote the job, send us pictures or a description of what rubbish you need removing and we will provide an estimate.

Step 3 - Book a collection time that suits you.

Once you have approved the quote, arrange a collection time with our garage removal experts that suits you. We are flexible, so just ask!

Step 4 - We will collect your rubbish and be on time.

Once the quote and collection time is approved, we will come and collect your rubbish and take it off your hands. It’s a simple as that.

Before & After Results

You would be amazed at what some people consider waste. But we’re not fussed either way. We’ll take it off your hands! From scrap cardboard to broken lawnmowers and even IT goods, our team is equipped to deal with all types of garage waste.

Browse through some of our before and after photos from past jobs:

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rubbish removal melbourne rubbish removal melbourne
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Why Go Easy Rubbish Garage Removal Services?

With an environmentally sustainable approach, competitive pricing, same-day service, and 10% discount when you schedule your garage waste to be removed ahead of time, there’s plenty of reasons to hire Go Easy Rubbish Removal. 

Here are 6 reasons why Melbourne homeowners trust us with their garage waste:

1. Simple Invoicing

Enjoy simple, on the spot invoicing. We arrive, we get the job done and you pay.

2. Hygienic Removal

We follow COVID safe protocol with all staff members fully vaccinated

3. Services Across Melbourne

We cater to homes across all of Melbourne (minimum charge $132)

4. Affordable Pricing

We provide the most affordable rates for waste removal in Melbourne, VIC

5. Same Day Service

Our service is flexible. We offer same day callouts and advanced bookings available

6. Total Peace Of Mind

Everything we do is convenient and safe. Your house will feel like home.

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Garage Clean Outs With An Environmental & Sustainability Focus

Many of the items stored in your garage may still be in good condition, and it’s understandable to be hesitant to get rid of them. Fortunately, at Go Easy Rubbish, our team is committed to rubbish removal with an environmental and sustainability focus. When we collect items from your home garage, we sort them into different categories as we load our truck.

Then, we direct your waste to the appropriate recycling or disposal centres. This way, we can ensure that your items are disposed of in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner. Where possible, we also strive to donate items that are in good condition to those suffering from adversity and/or financial hardship.

garage rubbish removal melbourne

Servicing Melbourne CBD & Greater Melbourne

Operating across greater Melbourne, Victoria, when you call Go Easy Rubbish Removal, you know you’ll be receiving outstanding service and exceptional customer care. We pride ourselves on efficiency, ensuring quick garage clean outs are completed for your peace of mind. Our team of experienced professionals understand the importance of a clean and clutter-free garage, and we’re committed to helping you reclaim your space. There’s flexible scheduling options to accommodate your busy schedule, and our competitive pricing ensures that you’re getting the best value for your money. 

We provide wide-ranging services across Metropolitan Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula (including, but not limited to, suburbs such as South MelbourneToorak, Preston, Frankston and Doncaster). Enquire today by calling us on 0432 644 510 or filling out the enquiry form and we’ll get the process started as soon as possible.

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