What Can Go In Hard Rubbish In Australia?

What Can Go In Hard Rubbish In Australia?

An expert guide to hard rubbish in Australia and what is suitable for hard rubbish collection.

Did you know, an average of 51kg of hard rubbish was collected from Victorian households throughout 2020? Now that’s a lot of waste saved from landfill. The accumulation of hard rubbish throughout Australia is quite severe. From broken TV’s to leftovers from your latest landscaping project, it’s quite easy to amass a driveway full of items that won’t fit into the kerbside rubbish bin.

But what can go in hard rubbish in Australia?

In this short guide, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about hard rubbish collection. From what is classified as hard rubbish to how you can book a collection all year round, join us as we set you on your way to becoming the local hard rubbish geek!

Hard Rubbish Guide Contents:

What is hard rubbish?

Hard rubbish refers to bulky items and materials that are too large, heavy, or unsuitable for regular garbage collection. These items typically include furniture, appliances, garden waste, and other large household waste items. As much as it can be confusing as to what is deemed as hard rubbish or not, one thing is clear, hard rubbish items are typically large objects that cannot fit into your kerbside rubbish bin. They are unrecyclable hard waste that is made up of durable products that are either broken or no longer needed.

What can go in hard rubbish?

In Victoria, the classification for what can go in hard rubbish will vary from local council to local council. For example, the Melbourne City Council website states that hot water units are accepted as hard rubbish items. However, the Hume City Council website does not mention that items of this nature will be collected.

So, it’s always best to check with your local council before you dispose of hard waste. Alternatively, contracting a waste removal specialist such as Go Easy Rubbish to handle all of this for you will save you a lot of time and energy.

Typically, in Australia, the following items can go in hard rubbish:

  • Furniture – Sofas, Mattresses, Chairs, etc
  • Appliances – Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Dryers etc
  • Garden Waste – Tree Branches, Garden Furniture, Pots etc
  • Metal Items – Bicycles, Car Parts, Metal Furniture etc
  • Carpets & Rugs
  • Small Electronics – Computers, Printers, DVD Players etc

Where to throw hard rubbish?

In the City of Melbourne, residents can take hard rubbish items directly to the Citywide Transfer Station and Resource Recovery Centre. Here, charges may apply to disposing of your rubbish.

For residents of Victoria who do not live close to the Citywide Transfer Station, you will either need to arrange a pickup from your local council or contact a private waste removal specialist such as Go Easy Rubbish. Under no circumstances should you throw your hard rubbish into the environment.

How to book hard rubbish collection?

To book hard rubbish collection in Victoria, you will have two options depending on your local council. Firstly, most local councils in Victoria will allow you to arrange for a hard rubbish collection via their website or by calling their waste management hotline. However, most councils typically only provided 1-3 collection dates each year. So, this means that you could be stuck with your hard rubbish on your premise for quite some time – collection fees also apply.

Alternatively, if you just want to get rid of your rubbish quickly, there a private waste management companies such as Go Easy Rubbish who provide same-day bookings to collect hard rubbish. To enquire, simply contact us and tell us about what rubbish you need to dispose of and we can provide you with a no-obligation quote.

Can you put cardboard in hard rubbish?

In Victoria, typically, bulk cardboard cannot go in hard rubbish collections as it can be recycled with regular household recycling. However, certain councils will accept cardboard when it is flattened and secured. Again, it is best to check with your local council website to see what guidelines they have on cardboard collection.

Nevertheless, regardless of whether you are using your local council’s hard rubbish collection service or a provider such as Go Easy Rubbish Removal, it is always recommended to flatten cardboard boxes and place them in an easy to collection location before arranging your collection.

Can you put polystyrene in hard rubbish?

Certain councils in Victoria will accept specific types of Polystyrene. In addition, the quantity and measurements of the Polystyrene will also have to be considered. If you have large amounts of construction waste that needs removing then your best option will be to contact a private waste service such as Go Easy Rubbish who can take the whole batch off your hands quickly.

Can clothes go in hard rubbish?

In Australia, clothes are not considered suitable for hard rubbish. In fact, the majority of local councils in Victoria will advise that you either donate clothes that can be reused or simply put un-reusable clothes in a black bag ready for the trash.

If you have an abundance of unwanted clothes, consider donating them to charities or your local op shop unless they cannot be worn. Alternatively, our same-day booking service accepts household clothes and we would be more than happy to take them off your hands.

The Final Word

Disposing of hard rubbish properly is absolutely vital for maintaining a clean and sustainable living environment; not only for you but your neighbours too. By understanding your local council’s guidelines on hard rubbish and by contacting private waste removal companies such as Go Easy Rubbish to dispose of your wares quickly, you can ensure that unwanted bulky items are disposed of professionally and in an environmentally safe manner.

Remember, donating items that can be reused to minimize waste will also contribute to a greener future for Australia. After all, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. So, consider whether your old units or items really deserve to wind up in the trash.

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